Brigitta Seck was born in 1960 in Aachen, Germany. She has lived in Ireland since 1980 with the interlude of moving to Berlin for nine years, returning to Ireland in 1998. Continuously working in her art practice since graduating from The National College of Art and Design in 1984, these moves have enabled her to exhibit regularly in Germany, Ireland and the UK. She completed her Masters Degree in Ceramics at NCAD in 2009. Brigitta is a practising artist, working part time in Art Therapy (St. Patrick’s Hospital, Dublin) as well as teaching part time in the Faculty of Education at The National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Brigitta works in ceramics and mixed media such as paper, metal wire and plastics.
She is interested in the properties of various materials in conjunction with a theme or to produce a specific aesthetic effect.
By employing textile techniques in her work such as knitting and crochet she uses process and material to create work that captures a particular essence and appearance of fragmentation, fragility and lightness.
Recurring themes in Brigitta's work are the interaction of space and structure, light and shadow, succession and interlinking.
Her current work explores the idea of creating special, contemplative spaces within a given area, which could be a gallery-, private- or public space. The sculptural work is often not just intended as a visual experience, but allows the visitor to explore, walk around and enter the piece and hopefully taking time to linger there.
She draws on sources reflecting on the fragility of life, thought, identity and time.
Recent pieces are delicate veils of installation character made of knitted wire and porcelain fragments. These veils combine physical, visual and sensory qualities that create a quiet atmosphere of calm and otherworldliness.

Within her practice Brigitta aims to create ethereal works that describe aspects of thoughts and feelings that are not physically observable.