I believe that we equally, affect and are affected by the space that surrounds us.

I am a Dublin based artist working in ceramics and mixed media such as paper, wire and plastics. My work is concerned with space, in which the interaction of structure and light play a significant role.

I am interested in the crossover of various materials in conjunction with a theme or to produce a specific aesthetic effect.
By employing textile techniques in my current work such as knitting and crochet I aim to use process and material to create work that captures a particular essence and appearance of lightness, fragility, fragmentation and transparency. Recurring themes are informed by reflection on the fragility of life, thought, identity and time combined with the interaction of space and structure, light and shadow.

My aim is to engage with the viewer, leaving open the possibility of imaginative responses to the visual, spatial and associative interactions created by the work.

Currently I am exploring materials of neutral or no colour such as nylon thread and translucent handmade paper, to allow the colour of the surrounding area to suffuse and permeate the work.

Within my practice I aim to create ethereal works that describe aspects of thoughts and beliefs that are not physically observable.