My sculptural work is concerned with shape and space, affected by light from within and outside. Working with a range of materials including paper, clay, metal and glass, the sculptures vary in size and are intended for interior or exterior settings. These structures, which are subtle and minimal in colour and form, often evoke a sense of the architectural.

These pieces are hand built, employing the slab-building technique. Using paper clay*, which is poured or rolled into slabs, I cut, shape and join the clay slabs. The surface is then incised, sometimes cut open or punctured, exposing the space inside, which can sometimes be seen or barely glimpsed. Coloured engobe** is painted on and after the first firing, I then often brush on oxides to enhance lines and surface texture.

Stages of creation involve improvisation and experimentation with other materials in the quest for original composition and the expression of a personal language of form.

My inspiration comes from many sources, amongst them forms and details of architecture from different cultures. Clear lines, subtle texture and colours characterize my sculptural forms and wall pieces. I try to engage the play of light and shadow to create a balance of subtlety and presence.

*(A mixture of clay and paper fibres. The paper burns out in the firing process),
**(Coloured clay)